Acupuncturist Samantha Berg and Kevin Meddleton

Alaska Center for Acupuncture

  • Opened in Palmer, Alaska in 2005
  • Husband and Wife Team
  • Model for Progressive Health Care in the State of Alaska

Intro to ACA and our 10
Principles of Healthy Living

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Alaska Center for Acupuncture! We opened our office in April 2005 in the Koslosky Center in downtown Palmer, Alaska. We opened here because we love the Mat-Su Valley. It offers the very best of Alaska all in one place and the people are one of a kind, unified in strong spirit and active engagement in the community.

Your experience at Alaska Center for Acupuncture will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. We are a husband and wife team working together with every one of our patients. We are committed to helping you solve your health challenges so you can enjoy a better life. Please read through our patient testimonials to see how acupuncture is helping people just like you regain their health and well being.

Most importantly, we will show you ways you can take charge of your health. You can count on us to give the very best of our expertise and knowledge in every treatment. Your potential is our passion!

—Sam and Kevin

10 Principles to Heal the Body, Mind and Soul

Food is Medicine – The food you eat becomes the raw materials for creating and repairing your body. Wholesome foods enable proper functioning of your organs and life sustaining systems. If you eat food based on cost savings, convenience, time savings or cravings you are sealing your fate to a future of chronic ailments, expensive medical visits, unnecessary suffering and an abbreviated life span. DO NOT cut corners on food.

Prevention – Prevention means taking consistent health promoting actions and making healthy choices as a way of life - not just when symptoms are present and not just when it's convenient. Eating wholesome foods, exercising, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy and good sleep are all examples of preventative care. In contrast, cancer screening is NOT preventative care— while it can provide crucial early detection it still only detects the cancers which were NOT prevented.

Potential – Health is not just about avoiding illness – that would be like getting married with the sole intention of avoiding a divorce. Nobody does that! Our definition of health focuses on patients fulfilling their greatest potential in life. Aiming high is a great way to keep priorities straight!

Tenacity and persistence – Anything worth achieving requires effort, commitment and patience. Stay with it and keep moving forward no matter what— especially when you experience setbacks or make mistakes.

Simplicity – Healing is not always about learning new things. Taking action on the simple things we already know is a fantastic place to start! Good sleep, regular exercise, wholesome eating, positive attitude and staying hydrated can create miracles over time.

Integrity – Integrity means moving from a state of divided motivations to a position of wholeness with a clear sense of dignity and purpose that extends beyond our own self interest.

Transparency – Being transparent, honest and trustworthy is miraculous medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Truth – The truth will set you free. Nothing reinforces illness more than resisting the truth of one's own condition or circumstances.

Compassion – Being ill and/or experiencing pain can be difficult to bear on many levels. When we embrace compassion and generosity of spirit for others (despite our own challenges) we invite the healing effects of grace to fill our lives and paradoxically make our own struggles much more bearable.

Gratitude – Gratitude for all that we have can help motivate us to live more generously and extend blessings to others even when we face great challenges.