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Photography Credits

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When we sat down to plan out our website we knew we wanted to have the beauty of Alaska well represented on each page. There are no shortages of Alaskan nature photos, but it is very rare to find photographs that truly capture the vitality, majesty and enormity of what Alaska is all about. The photographers profiled below excel in this regard! We are truly grateful for their talent and for generously allowing us to use their images on our site. Special thanks go to Cecil for his stunning photos of the Mat-Su Valley.

Cecil Sanders

Cecil Sanders and his girlfriend

Cecil lives in Palmer, Alaska. His passion is traveling the world and capturing it's beauty for others to see.

To see more of his work check him out on flickr or visit his website at

You can contact Cecil at

Samantha Berg

Samantha Berg

Samantha Berg is an Acupuncturist and co-owner of Alaska Center for Acupuncture. Since discovering the wonders of digital cameras, photography has become a renewed passion for her. Samantha sees photography as a metaphor for life - with a change of perspective, a whole new world of possibilities can emerge.

To see more of her work check visit her Flickr page

You can contact Sam at

Julie Webb


Julie is a lifelong Alaskan currently transplanted in Bellevue, Washington. She is an avid photographer with experience covering major sporting events in the Seattle area. Her main field of endeavor is web development and you can see examples of her work at

You can contact Julie at