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J.C. Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Overall health and well being, with specifics for IBS, Diverticulitis and extreme stress.

Benefits of Treatment:  Amazing and extremely therapeutic! Acupuncture feels like a two hour massage and the benefits last longer! I was on about 4 different food diets due to major digestive issues and now I can eat like normal. I have balance in my life from the inside out. Thank you Sam and Kevin!

R.M.T. Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I had been suffering from chronic headaches since January and had gone through every test (MRA's, MRI's, CAT Scans, etc.) and was on my second neurologist trying to find any source of relief. I honestly thought I was dying!!

Benefits of Treatment:  In March, I skeptically went to visit Sam and Kevin by the suggestion of a friend who has been a client of theirs for quite some time. I could tell by the look on their faces that they wanted to help me in the worst way and they knew they could if I would only give them the opportunity. It's now November and they have become a significant part of my life. I very rarely get a headache and if I do, it's manageable and lasts for just a short time. I have also learned to take more control of my life by changing my eating habits and have lost 42 pounds. I feel like a brand new, more energetic person. I owe it to Sam and Kevin! They are so inspirational and I know that they honestly care about me as an individual and not just as "another person". I also enjoy my chats with LuAnn after each session. She's a sweetie! :-)

J.E. Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I walked into the office of ACA on September 1st in almost unbearable pain from neuropathy in my feet. I was unable to sleep at night and was reaching out for some relief

Benefits of Treatment:  Now, after only 2 months, I am almost free of any pain in my feet. I become so relaxed during the treatments I could easily fall asleep. I leave treatment with an overall feeling of serenity and at peace with my life.

M.W. Glennallen, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Chronic Pain

Benefits of Treatment:  My husband is doing unbelievably well. He is able to walk comfortably for long periods instead of taking the four wheeler. He can touch his chest to his thigh and knee and put his foot up on the coffee table to tie his shoes. He has not been able to do this for over 15 years!!!! So thank you.

C.M. Trapper Creek, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Severe back pain and general well being. I have what’s known as kyphosis ( schuremans disease).

Benefits of Treatment:  The benefits I have received from Sam and Kevin have been amazing. They did all sorts of combinations of treatments to help me with pain and fatigue from my condition. Cupping was an amazing experience. It helped release the tension and general stuckness of my back and toxins. The acupuncture helped balance my system and clear thinking. Their concern for my over all well being showed in the results as well. The most beautiful part is they don’t want the patient to have to come back every week for the rest of their lives. One of their goals is get the patient to a stable place and come back every so often to just boost the system and check on things. I am very grateful for Sam and Kevin and their endless acquiring of knowledge to help others. Thank you so much. See ya soon much love.

A.K. Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I first started seeing Kevin and Sam when they chose to sponsor me as a competitive Mono-skier. Since then I’ve had many treatments which have helped…whether it was my physical energy, or personal attitude. But the biggest eye opener was after my Shoulder Surgery.

Benefits of Treatment:  I had my Shoulder Surgery and went in for Acupuncture about three days afterwards. I had been taking Prescribed Pain Killers at least twice a day to keep the pain down. After my visit with Kevin and Sam I also started taking some Chinese Herbs they had given me. By the next day I didn't need the pain killers and the swelling was going down exponentially. I was told I would have a minimum of 6 week recover time. But with their help I had made a surprising recovery at 4 weeks. If you haven’t gone to them, they are definitely worth checking out, they could help you too.

S.H. Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Pain Condition

Benefits of Treatment:  Wow, I feel great! Thanks for today’s treatment – you two are very much appreciated in our lives. I’m continually amazed at the immediate response to whatever it is you guys do.

J.S. Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Irritable bowl syndrome

Benefits of Treatment:  I started treatments for IBS but quickly realized the potential benefits. I have been enjoying treatment for over a year now during which time I have found relief from IBS, and had a successful pregnancy. During the third trimester of pregnancy, like most women, I had intense lower back pain for which I was seeing a chiropractor, massage therepist. It wasn't until I experienced Sam's treatment specially designed for lower back pain during pregnancy that I found the relief and pain management I was looking for. I really appreciate the time and care both Sam and Kevin have put into my treatment of body and mind. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who hesitates popping a pill. Really, THANK YOU.

Erin Aulman, Talkeetna, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I'd had back surgery which left me with chronic back pain. I was also experiencing sciatica, knee pain and digestive problems. My eating habits left me stuffed, fatigued and 30 pounds overweight. I'd soon be 65 and wanted to try to resolve these health issues once and for all.

Benefits of Treatment:  After 6 weeks of closely following the Center's cleansing diet and multiple sessions of acupuncture, my back pain is gone, my sciatica is greatly reduced, I've lost and kept off 8 pounds and have more energy. Most importantly, I'm finally able to make a strong commitment to live a healthier life--a commitment I've been unable to make before now.

Kevin and Sam live the life they prescribe for their patients. They're enthusiastic, energetic, wildly healthy, extremely professional and very invested in their clients' success. This is one of best things I've done for myself!

D.O. Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Pain Condition

Benefits of Treatment: Thought you'd like to know that since my last treatment I am feeling the best I have felt since I got so ill. I appreciate you both very much.

J.S. Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Migraine headaches for 14 years, adrenal fatigue, candida, hot flashes, chronic arthritis neck and back pain.

I moved to Palmer from Arizona in July 2007. I had used acupuncture for various needs for over the past 25 years (sinus problems, menstrual irregularity, chronic bronchitis), with wonderful results. I attended a free Wednesday evening teaching session at Alaska Acupuncture, with Samantha and Kevin on the topic of acupressure. It was a good way to experience their personalities and realize the knowledge they have of the body and various healing modalities in addition to acupuncture.

Benefits Of Treatment:  My first appointment with Sam was in mid December 2008. I told Samantha that I had migraines for over 14 years, had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and various medications. As Sam checked the pulses of my body, she picked up on my adrenal fatigue, digestive irregularities (suggested cultured vegetables to get my system balanced). My first acupuncture session was very interesting and educational as Sam explained everything she was doing and finding in my body. She also gave me several recommendations of books (Body Ecology; Nourishing Traditions) and websites to review.

After my third acupuncture treatment, my back and neck pain had lessened a great deal, my energy level was higher, and my digestive problems were improving. Most importantly, my bi-monthly migraine headaches had decreased and I went headache free for over eight weeks! My hot flashes had calmed down from having them every two hours every day (which disrupted my sleep at night a great deal), to one or two a week.

Most recently, I was diagnosed with pneumonia on June 13, 2009 after returning home from a two week vacation. I left a message on Alaska Acupuncture’s telephone, on a Sunday morning, with the hope of getting in to see them for a treatment on Monday, June 15. Kevin called me back Sunday evening, discussed my symptoms, and said definitely I could come in on Monday morning. I had a lot of back and chest pain from coughing, was running a temperature of 102, had chest congestion, and aching all over. The doctor had prescribed an inhaler and antibiotic, but I wanted to get the pneumonia and infection moving out of my body faster than the medications would take and I knew that acupuncture could do that. Kevin and Sam ‘worked’ on me for over an hour, with acupuncture, cupping, and recommended Clear Air to help clean out the mucosal infection. After I got up from the table, I could breathe a lot deeper, had more energy and much of the back and neck pain had been relieved. My temperature dropped and the congestion in my lungs cleared in a couple days.

Acupuncture promotes the body’s healing capabilities in a quicker time frame than just taking medication. I have experienced this several times over the past 25 years when I’ve had bronchitis and now pneumonia.

Sam has been a wealth of knowledge, encouraging me to commit myself to change my lifestyle (diet, exercise, supplements, get more rest) consequently improving my own health. Thank you Sam and Kevin.

K.W., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Tiredness, general sluggishness, feelings of imbalance and anxiety in a very stressful and insecure job situation, PMS, and more.

Benefits Of Treatment:  Immediately after each treatment, I felt refreshed and strengthened, as if I had exercised but not exhausted myself. I think it took months until I realized the long term benefits of my treatments. Living in Alaska means living with a cycle of long, cold, and dark days and long, less cold, and light days, so our energy fluctuates with nature's energy. However, I remember feeling light and strong during the first winter during my treatments, and the sluggishness did not return in the next. I have felt overall more energized and a lot less anxious about the job situation. I found clarity about having to leave this negative environment, and I found new employment that proved to be very fulfilling. I had always enjoyed walking and hiking, but I found that I had more energy for more and longer hikes, up higher mountains :-)

I recall one treatment in which I felt an immediate sensation of internal "flushing", and it was the most deliberating sensation, as if a knot had been dissolved, and subsequently made room for the most comforting sense of calm and relaxation. I ascribe my improvement regarding PMS to this particular treatment. Samantha, who treated me most of the time, is truly an expert, excellent at administering the acupuncture treatment. What I found most remarkable about her is her ability to truly listen. I also loved how openly she shared and explained traditional Chinese medicine and the background of the treatments. As a patient/client, I felt taken seriously and respected. Thank you!

Diana Carlson, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I had severe nerve pain radiating through my entire body whenever I bent my neck forward. It was very uncomfortable and painful; not to mention scary. The symptoms started suddenly one morning when I woke up, after I had been using a laptop on my lap for two consecutive weeks; it felt like I was being jolted with a cattle prod every time I moved. I couldn't even do yoga because of the discomfort. I was starting to gain weight, I had no desire to see any of my friends, and my social life was very nill. The more I was in pain, the more I could not sleep, and I started feeling very depressed - I am almost always an optimist; I was hating my life. I felt like I would never feel normal again, and because the onset had happened so suddenly, I was really scared.

Benefits of Treatment:  I am so thankful to Sam and Kevin for their kindness and, more importantly, their expertise in the art of acupuncture. I have been going to see them for a little over a month (once a week at first and now every other week) and although I still have a slight tingling sensation in my limbs; I know that I am getting better and feel incredibly balanced both physically and emotionally, and I maintain a balanced calmness for days after each session. During each session they tell me what they are going to do and why, and they offer encouragement and listen quietly to any questions or concerns I have regarding the process and my progress; they always help me remember only I am capable of helping myself heal. In addition, both Sam and Kevin are great listeners and offer expert life coaching advice regarding: diet, exercise, meditation, and the way to or not to react to many situations, as well as showing me useful movements to help alleviate stress and shake away the tingling, so to speak.

I would like to add, we have all met people on our journey through life that have helped us and taught us great lessons; I feel that way about Sam and Kevin. I will continue to visit them for acupuncture sessions long after my tingling and pain are gone because I have been blessed with a great reminder of the importance of balancing my energy often in order to live a blissful, healthily, long, and harmonious life.

Betty Pierce, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Support for cancer treatment side effects.

Benefits of Treatment:  I have always taken my body for granted and worked myself very hard. I tried acupuncture treatments a year or so ago, but I was too busy to find the time to give it a real chance. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2007 and that slowed me down. I decided to go the conventional route of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. At the urging of Kevin and Sam, I came to the Alaska Center for Acupuncture (ACA) for treatment to help my body deal with all that was happening. I was never a disciple of acupuncture but I knew that I needed to support my body through this difficult time somehow. Acupuncture was a non invasive, drug free way to help my body cope with all the cancer side effects.

The sessions have helped me with fatigue, nausea and given me a general sense of well being. I find myself reconnecting with my body, not just taking it for granted for all it does for me, but truly listening to what it needs and finding myself re balanced and rejuvenated time and time again. My cancer treatments are mostly over now and I am convinced that acupuncture treatments are beneficial as a way to maintain better health. I have no idea what acupuncture does technically, and that's okay. For me, it's been a way to "hear" what my body needs and it has helped me integrate my emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

When I come off the table after a session, it's a beautiful thing.

Tessa Ness, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  My first born child was born three month's early and had to spend four months in the NICU. It took a huge toll on my mind and my body. I later developed, post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, and a lot of digestive problems.

Benefits of Treatment:  Since I have been seeing Sam and Kevin, My whole life has changed. My anxiety has almost completely disappeared, stress and fatigue have lowered dramatically. My health overall has improved greatly. With their support, I have changed my diet to fit my needs, which has made me lose weight, have more energy, and correct my digestive problems. Acupuncture has really made me look at life in a different way, I love it, it is so relaxing, and a nice perk is, you get a burst of energy after each session. I would definitely recommend acupuncture to... everyone.

K.E., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  I began treatment because of an allergy to my dog and general stress due to my work.

Benefits of Treatment:  Every time I see Kevin and/or Sam, I feel more relaxed than I do after a good massage. The effects also stay with me longer, and I am more inclined to take care of myself and everyone. They've given me more information about my health than any conventional Doctor I've ever seen, and it's an entirely different kind of knowledge. It is long-term thinking that gives me full responsibility for my health, with wisdom and common sense infused in every word, instead of a prescription, a shot, or a label for my problem.

I've moved to a new stage in my journey with Sam and Kevin, where I breathe in an entirely new way, filling the chambers of my chest ever-so slowly, energy coursing through my body, peace entering my soul when I'm undergoing treatment. This allows me to enjoy more peaceful moments at other times in my life, as I continue learning how to deal with every-day stress. I only wish everyone could come to this place of peace.

Heather Barber, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  To help with anxiety that resulted from car accidents.

Benefits of Treatment:  Acupuncture has changed my life in a very positive and profound way. I went to see Kevin and Sam hoping to get some anxiety relief that had bothered me for many years. I am so happy to say that the anxiety is not even a part of my life now. I felt the biggest relief after my first appt. and now my follow-up appointments are like "tune ups" that keep me feeling my best.

I continue to be amazed at the deep feeling of peace and calm I get during and after each appt. Acupuncture really gives me a feeling of balance in my body and my life. Kevin and Sam are both AMAZING people to work with and really have a way of helping you feel comfortable. I would also like to mention that my children ages 9 & 11 have also really enjoyed and benefited from acupuncture with Kevin and Sam.

Sharon Evans, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Overwhelming grief, inflammatory arthritis, compromised immune system

Benefits of Treatment:  My health declined to the point that I had to prematurely retire from my career as a midwife. I was at the point that I wanted to die. I met Sam and Kevin at the absolute lowest point in my life. Since starting my acupuncture treatments all of my former symptoms have gradually disappeared. I feel 100% better. Best of all, I have regained my sense of peace, calmness and joy. I cannot express how grateful I am to Sam and Kevin for helping me get my life back together. Acupuncture and all Chinese medicine is superior to any healing modality on the planet, and I am living proof of its power.

Kelly Reed, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Neck & Shoulder Pain, Anxiety

Benefits of Treatment:  I came to acupuncture desperate for help with muscle aches and panic attacks. I am so pleased to say after just one visit the aches and pains disappeared. I have not had 1 panic attack since starting my therapy (which used to be a daily battle) and as a bonus I am now on my way to stop smoking. Acupuncture by far, without a doubt, is the greatest gift I've ever given myself! I will forever be glad that I made that first phone call and forced myself to show up to the appointment. Had I not felt results I never would have returned. Thank you to everyone at Alaska Center for Acupuncture for making me feel welcome, relaxed and believed.

R.H., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Back Pain

Benefits of Treatment:  I have suffered with back pain for years. I injured my back about 3 years ago while vacuuming of all things. After undergoing an MRI I was diagnosed with three bulging disc's and a collapsed disc which was sitting on my sciatica nerve. I was in extreme pain. I was sent to physical therapy sessions which helped for a day or so but the pain always returned. My Dr said the only resource I had left was back surgery. This frightened me so much (I have never seen anyone do well after back surgery) that I decided to turn to acupuncture and a wonderful acupuncturist in PA who healed my back and kept me from the dreaded surgery. Since moving to AK, I was shoveling snow and re injured my back. I was desperate for relief so I went online and Googled acupuncture-I was so surprised to find a place right here in Palmer, and checked out their web site. I was intrigued and impressed with what they had to offer. I immediately called and spoke to someone who was very knowledgeable and helpful and made an appointment.

What a wonderful experience I have had with Kevin and Sam. Immediately, they took the time to sit with me and discuss my history and also what was going on in my life. I was so comfortable that I spoke about things going on in my life that even my closest friends didn't know. The treatment I have received from both of them, far exceeded the initial back pain. They treated not just the back pain (which was mostly gone after the initial visit) but my body as a whole. I have been released from pain but also depression, smoking, my blood sugar levels have never been better, my outlook on life is "bring it on" now, instead of steeling myself for the other shoe to drop.

A.B., Chikaloon, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Every time I exercised, my body developed hives and itchy, raised bumps due to unknown allergies.

Benefits of Treatment:  Not only have the symptoms disappeared, but I have more energy and a more positive outlook on life. Every time I see Sam and Kevin, I come out of the office feeling incredible mentally, physically, and emotionally. If I could afford it, I would go every week. Acupuncture is like a drug, I just want more of it because it makes me feel so good. I have tried every other conventional and alternative method of healing for various conditions, and none have been as effective as acupuncture. You do not have to understand how it all works, just know that it does.

A.C., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Anxiety, Excessive Weight Loss, Tremors

Benefits Of Treatment:  My acupuncture sessions with Kevin and Samantha have been instrumental in the rebuilding of my health. Having exhausted traditional medicine, I turned to acupuncture in desperation. I was a sad case when I went into their office to see about help. It didn't take me long to realize that this was a place where the people really cared about their clients, and believed in what they were doing. I was given hope, and decided to try some treatments.

Some of the results from my treatments came very quickly and dramatically, others came more gradually. I had been very gaunt and pale due to my illness. After the second session, I regained the color in my face. My depression and anxiety were soon relieved, and my unwanted weight loss stopped. Sam and Kevin tailored treatment to my specific needs and current condition. They were very supportive and offered helpful suggestions on changes to diet and lifestyle. The combination of acupuncture treatments and dietary/lifestyle changes that I made brought about a reversal in my declining health. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for almost two years and still look forward to the sessions (spaced much farther apart now). I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I have greatly benefited from acupuncture treatment and my association with AK Center for Acupuncture.

L.B., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Migraines and migraine medication side effects.

Benefits Of Treatment:  My migraines went from 3 to 4 a week down to one or two a month and now are even more sporadic than that. Sam and Kevin not only helped me with my migraines but with other medical ailments that affected my hands, a nerve in my foot and my overall attitude. They helped me make some tough life and career changes that needed to be made before I suffered even longer term results of my medical issues. They helped me to find a chiropractor, herbal consultant and a naturopath doctor best suited for me. With Sam and Kevin's help I have succeeded in reaching a more fulfilling life with even more great things in store for me. One of my best "side effects" from all the help and recommendations from Sam and Kevin is that in this past year I have lost 25pounds - and I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I needed to lose it but my medical things were my main concern. Now I am not as focused on what hurts but on what can I do again that I love to do. I started hiking more, playing outside with my dog more and just being a more positive person.

C.F., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Post Surgical Pain (open heart surgery).

Benefits Of Treatment:  I started acupuncture due to the pain from open heart surgery. I wasn’t getting a lot of relief from my pain with narcotics and anti-inflammatories. After my first visit I had a noticeable decrease in pain. I’ve worked in surgery for 10 ½ years and have always thought alternative medicine was all smoke and mirrors. I thought I would give acupuncture a try as a last ditch effort. I didn’t want to increase my pain meds due to memory loss. I didn’t want to miss out any more on my 3-year-old’s life. Acupuncture worked so well for me that my husband is now receiving treatment. My friends can also see the improvement with the treatment. Sam and Kevin have been truly wonderful. They listen to what is going on at that moment and do a treatment to help with what is wrong at that moment. We have had a long tough road with this recovery, but with the help of Chinese medicine and Western medicine I feel like I will make a full recovery. I’m looking forward to returning to work in the O.R.

Debbie Wells, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Chronic pain, restless legs, fatigue and depression.

Benefits Of Treatment:  Acupuncture has been a true blessing to me. For 20 years, I have battled with very low energy, depression, restless legs and weight. I have gone to Sam and Kevin for just over a year and can say I have finally learned to deal with the stress in my life that was making me sick! Energy - I have more energy than I know what to do with. It is great waking up every morning and not feeling exhausted. I get up relaxed, rested and ready to welcome another day.

Prior to acupuncture, I would sleep 10-16 hours and get up as tired, if not more tired, than when I went to bed the night before. There were times that I could barely make it to work and then I would come home and sleep until the next morning and start all over again. I thought my whole life was going to be like that; sleep, eat, work. I didn't want to do anything, go anywhere or even be around others - I was just too exhausted. Since meeting Kevin and Sam, my life has turned around so completely it is hard even for me to believe at times!

Sam and Kevin have taught me to listen to my body and understand what it is saying to me and how to handle stress in my life to make it work for me, not against me. I am now involved in life and not sitting on the sideline.

I was very skeptical about acupuncture before I came to the Alaska Center for Acupuncture, but it has now been a little over a year and I look back at how far I have come and excited about the future. Acupuncture does work! I am living proof!

My doctor cannot believe the changes in me. I recently had the first good visit in over 20 years! I really feel that could not have happened without the help that acupuncture has given me.

N.L., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Depression

Benefits Of Treatment:  I had suffered from depression for years and was taking prescribed medication to try to help me cope. After six years I stopped taking the meds because of all the side effects. I soon became suicidal and really wanted to die but was determined not to go back on the drugs.

I was in counseling but felt that it wasn't really helping me. My counselor pretty much gave me an ultimatum, go back on the drugs or be hospitalized against my will. I told her that I wanted to try acupuncture. I had never tried it before and wanted to see if that could possibly help.

Kevin and Sam were my saving grace. I started feeling better after the second session and by my 6th session my depression was totally gone. In a months time I had went from being suicidal to happy again. It has been over a year and a half my depression has not came back and I feel great.

I really would like people to know the wonderful benefits of acupuncture and that it really did saved my life.

D.M., Anchorage, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Hemorrhoids so bad that I had scheduled surgery. Severe Sciatic pain

Benefits Of Treatment:  A friend suggested acupuncture and to my astonishment, it helped, significantly. So much so that I cancelled my surgery. It did not cure the problem but I have been free of this pain-in -butt discomfort for several years. More recently I experienced, for the first time, the disabling pain and stress of sciatica. I am amazed at the relief and comfort I experienced from a treatment process that I don't understand. Acupuncture works! Thank you Sam and Kevin.

L.B., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Arthritis in knees and hips and food cravings

Benefits Of Treatment:  I started coming to Alaska Center for Acupuncture about a year and a half ago. I was stiff from arthritis and had injured my knee in a fall. Today have little or no pain in my knees, I have more energy and just have an all around good feeling. By learning to avoid some foods and being free of food cravings, I am healthier and have lost weight. Kevin and Sam have been so encouraging and helpful. I look forward to my visits with them.

James Day, Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Chronic pain from heel spurs, chronic pain in bicep and elevated blood pressure.

Benefits Of Treatment:  Relief from chronic pain in both feet and right bicep. I am able to walk without limping for the first time in months. I've regained more range of motion in my right arm. My blood pressure has gone from 144/86 to 130/80.

C.K., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Shoulder and Neck pain, General Health and Wellness

Benefits Of Treatment:  I have received a huge amount of benefit from acupuncture treatment. The treatment you gave me before a trip to Korea was amazing. The flight was a total of 17 hours - a long trip - but I had a pain free flight. No neck or shoulder pain. Not only that, but I didn't even have jet lag. It was the first time in my life I've flown that far and not had jet lag. Thank you Sam and Kevin! You really shaped up my total health.

Kimberly Brown, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Recurrent back pain, overstress, insomnia

Benefits Of Treatment:  It has been a little over two years since I started going to Alaska Center for Acupuncture. The back pain was relieved quickly, within a few visits. And, it has not recurred with any severity, despite a work environment that in the past was sending me to the chiropractor at least annually. The other concerns, too--the sense of stress and depletion, and the insomnia, were improved to very tolerable levels almost immediately, and stayed improved.

Over the past two years I have returned periodically (for "tune-ups," as Samantha has referred to them) during periods of situational stress at work or at home, or in preparation for the winter months. My family and I can all express our gratitude for acupuncture treatments, for helping to take a lot of my irritability out of the January-through-March season.

During and after acupuncture treatments, I have had the distinct perception of something being "put right," or corrected; and although I can't verbalize why the corrections work, they last a long time.

I would like to add that I once requested a consultation for my (then-six-year-old) son, whom I felt had quite a bit of trouble with coughs and colds during the winter months. He was definitely not interested in the needles, but was receptive to an acupressure-type exercise that Samantha recommended. She added nutritional advice; and my son went from sleeping sitting up for most of the winter, to rarely coughing at all.

Based on these experiences, I would like to express my very enthusiastic praise, not just for the acupuncture treatments themselves, but also for Samantha and Kevin and the practice that they have created. I have been consistently impressed with their knowledge of, interest in, and enthusiasm for their work. I happily recommend acupuncture, as I have experienced it, and Samantha and Kevin’s practice, to anyone seeking holistic, complementary and/or alternative approaches to their health or wellness interests.

K.W., Talkeetna, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Pregnancy related, nausea, constipation and fatigue

Benefits Of Treatment:  At the beginning of my pregnancy, Sam and Kevin were tremendously helpful in alleviating nausea, constipation and even fatigue. After each session, I left feeling like I was walking on air. They take the time to really check into the body's signals. They treat their patients with utmost care and professionalism.

Emily Northam, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Post surgical pain (mastectomy and breast reconstruction).

Benefits Of Treatment:  Naturopaths and other health professionals recommended acupuncture to me for many reasons, both curative and preventative, and my own research made me most interested in this therapy.

From my very first session with Sam and later with Kevin, I realized that their holistic approach to wellness was both authentic and practical, and exactly what I was seeking! What especially struck me was the emphasis on a time-honored tradition that was applied uniquely to an individual's entire state. The sensitive inquiry, thorough discussions of application and theory, and the entire ambiance of ACA's setting are immediately conducive to wellness. The absence of any pretense, the delightful exchange of ideas, the thoughtfulness, and the attention to underlying causes and concerns, coupled with significant knowledge and understanding, are very much in line with my views of what healthcare should be.

Due to my experience with breast cancer, I have consulted close to 30 health practitioners, both here and outside of Alaska, in the last 20 months. My visits with Sam and Kevin at ACA have without question been the most beneficial to me, both for my shorter-term goal of reducing the use of pain medication and, equally important, my longer-term goal of enhancing my overall health and minimizing any dependency on conventional medicine. Through their help and suggestions, I feel I have taken charge of my own health in ways I never thought possible before. Since I've never really been very sick at any point in my life, I was surprised to discover how much better I could actually feel, and how strong the health connections are to all other areas of my life.

Even when very troubled and despondent, when the best thought in my head was to crawl under the bedcovers, I could always look forward to a visit and treatment with Sam and Kevin. And when I felt my best, I could also anticipate a wonderful reunion and boost to keep my convictions and support my good state.

M.C., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Fatigue, Weakness, dizziness, memory loss etc.

Benefits Of Treatment:  I started acupuncture treatment as a skeptic. My wife convinced me to give it a try based on her own positive experience. Conventional medicine had been of little help to me so I thought, "why not." I was surprised by the positive results I experienced. After just a few treatments I was noticing improvement. Within a few weeks I was feeling better than I had in a long time. A few months after I began acupuncture treatments I was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, acupuncture became a large part of my recovery. It is now six months later and I feel better than when I originally sought treatment. In fact, I feel better than I have in years.

I am very grateful to Kevin and Samantha for their encouragement and support. They are competent and professional caregivers and provide a positive atmosphere conducive to healing.

Serenity Szewc, Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Psoriasis, discontentment with life

Benefits Of Treatment:  After observing my struggle with a significant issue for almost 5 months, Sam gave me an "empowerment treatment." I woke up the next day and made life altering changes that effect my entire family. I was able to do this and follow through on my decisions without guilt. I have learned to take care of myself and as Sam says, "digest any given situation, take what you can learn from it and poop out the rest." Acupuncture has been the catalyst I needed to take control of my life. I am very thankful to Kevin and Sam and appreciative of the valuable service they provide.

Johanna West, Palmer AK

Reason For Treatment:  Back pain

Benefits Of Treatment:  After several years of back pain that progressed to non-stop sciatica after a fall, I was diagnosed with arthritis, degenerative back disease and a slipped disc. The orthopedic surgeon offered to fuse my lower back or said I could go home and manage the pain. The idea of fusion and the length of recovery did not appeal to me. At this point I decided to give acupuncture a try. With a little will power and the encouragement and support of Sam, Kevin and acupuncture, I was able to make some significant life style changes including dietary changes, smoking cessation, regular yoga practice and exercise. I had tried stopping smoking on my own and was always unsuccessful, but with acupuncture and coaching from Kevin and Sam it was easy

After a month or two I noticed an increase in my energy level, less pain and was able to handle the stress in my life better. It has now been a year and a half and my pain has been greatly reduced and the sciatica has almost disappeared. I continue to receive regular acupuncture treatments to maintain my pain reduction and to promote a sense of well-being. This has been a life changing experience and my heart felt thanks goes out to both Kevin and Sam.

E.W., Palmer AK

Reason For Treatment:  Back pain

Benefits Of Treatment:  I really appreciate you getting me back on my feet. I've had back aches for awhile-it sure feels much better. When I talk to someone in pain I Tell 'em about the magical needles and where to get 'em. Thanx

A.L., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Hormonal Balance and Weight Loss

Benefits Of Treatment:  The growth and health that I have received from Sam and Kevin's work is immeasurable. I began visiting Alaska Center for Acupuncture over year ago. My main reason for first visiting was to help release hormonal toxins to loss weight. It may also have been my desire to experience receiving gua-sha. However, after 5 treatments I did easily loss the 30 extra pounds of baby weight I was holding. I also felt much more motivated in general.

I continued to come in about once a month until I recently decided I no longer wanted to suffer with PMDD which caused me monthly bouts of depression. I had succumbed to the western traditional methods of treating PMDD, with little lasting effects. I work with energy and my body responds to alternative medicine very well. So I knew intuitively that I needed acupuncture to complete my healing. Once I had made the decision to trust the acupuncture processes for as long as it takes, I have been amazed.

Acupuncture has released energetic/cellular memories from my body’s grasp that I had been working on realizing for years. Acupuncture continues to support my health and transform my mental and physical reality. I can not say that Sam and Kevin will affect every person’s life as drastically and fabulously as mine. But I can say if you are open even a tiny bit to accepting change, Sam and Kevin will help you discover it. Do not ask me how- all I know is I am living proof of success!!

J.S., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Back pain, prevention, weight loss and wellness.

Benefits Of Treatment:  I originally began acupuncture in Homer, Alaska for back issues and allergies. But I have benefited in many ways due to the treatments: less stress, better circulation, as well as more energy. In the past three years acupuncture has become part of my preventative maintenance health plan. Each month I go in for a check up. The acupuncture helps me become more focused, alleviates stress, helps with digestion and allergies. I have also noticed that the treatments help me lose weight because I have fewer sugar cravings.

Both Kevin and Sam listen to my concerns, create a plan for the session and are able to explain the points so I always know what to expect.

J.L., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Improve mental focus and productivity

Benefits Of Treatment:  Acupuncture is a funny thing, only the person placing the needles grasps what the points are supposed to do, and only the person reading your pulses can tell if the points achieved the desired result. Sounds a little bit like snake oil… but as a converted skeptic, I can assure you that it is not smoke and mirrors. Western medicine as a general rule is consistently wrong about everything, it is only a matter of time before it disproves the assertions it so fervently defended only moments before.

Eastern medicine is based on an entirely different paradigm and thanks to Sam and Kevin, I have experienced the benefits first hand in a measurable way. I am a worker bee… always thinking and doing and ‘spinning’ as Sam would say. How acupuncture has helped me is by giving me back my one track mind. If that sounds ridiculous, then feel fortunate you can’t relate. Thank you, both of you, for helping me focus my attention and energies on the parts of my life that bring me the most satisfaction and the most joy. You have helped, and continue to help, me live in the realm of my life’s potential – an extraordinary gift indeed.

D.L., Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Stress relief, health and wellness.

Benefits Of Treatment:  I started acupuncture treatment with doubt but a lot of curiosity. I initially started because I had no energy and was looking for ways to have a better outlook and attitude with life. I have benefited greatly with acupuncture. My internal balance is level. My energy is higher, my appetite is normal, even my thought processes are more clear and precise. It has done so much for me mentally, physically and spiritually.

I never thought sticking needles (which I am severely afraid of) into my body would cause me to go into such a deep meditation. The atmosphere, the smells, the sounds, the ENERGY that both Sam and Kevin exude put me at such a state of rest and relaxation, I rise feeling more free than when I came in an hour or two earlier.

For those that are faint of heart with needles or skeptical about acupuncture and its healing power, I was one of you. But after going there for months now, I feel like a rejuvenated woman and have full confidence in its healing capabilities. Kevin and Sam do an amazing job of making you feel as if you are the only person in the world. They are truly and genuinely there for your well-being which is unusual this day and age with the selfish me, me, me.

Linda Ransom, Wasilla, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Inner ear disorder: dizziness, vertigo, and nausea.

Benefits Of Treatment:  Acupuncture has helped me reclaim my life back! I began seeing Sam and Kevin for an inner ear disorder that challenges me with dizziness, vertigo, and nausea. My active life was extremely affected by these symptoms. Now, my body, mind, and spirit have begun to resonate once again! There's a sense of balance and renewal restored to my life.

Sam and Kevin are more than acupuncturists. They are professionals who are concerned about your healing process and your journey to wellness. They listen, they care, and they are genuine healers.

With Much Gratitude and Love, Linda Ransom

Christine Evans, Talkeetna, AK

Reason for Treatment:  General Health and Wellness

Benefits of Treatment:  I never would have thought I would be writing about how wonderful acupuncture is. All I knew is I needed help. I am so thankful to Kevin and Samantha at Alaska Acupuncture in Palmer for providing a comfortable, caring atmosphere. The treatments have helped so much. I feel so much better. I feel my body working more like it should. My attitude is better, and I feel I can stay the course and keep working to get better. It has felt like a long haul, and I have had my share of discouraging days. But their healing tools and caring hands and hearts have given me so much.

When I enter their office I feel relaxed and comforted. They have not only helped heal my system but also given me hope and courage. When I leave a session I feel renewed and strong again with the energy flowing. My heart jumps for joy. They have given me so much more than I could have hoped for. I cannot thank you both enough for all you have given me.

P.S., Palmer, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Bladder weakness and knee pain

Benefits Of Treatment:  The biggest benefit from acupuncture has been with my bladder and kidney area. I had gotten to the point where I could not control my bladder. I did not want to take medication or have to wear Depends, I'm not old enough for that. It started turning around after a few sessions. After approximately nine months of treatments, I didn't go in for maybe three months. My bladder control got so bad, I got right back in. After that first treatment on returning, I could tell a difference. My bladder control is not at 100 percent, but it so much better.

Kevin and Sam are absolutely the best and they have made a believer out of me.

Barb Williams, Eagle River, AK

Reason For Treatment:  Back pain

Benefits Of Treatment:  Back pain is completely manageable now. I try to go in once a month for follow up and I am much healthier now.

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