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  • Help chronic conditions heal by removing inflammatory foods
  • Special list of foods to eat, and foods to avoid for a six week period
  • Discover foods that are hurting you

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Anti–Inflammatory Diet

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How the Anti–Inflammatory Diet Can Help You

BySamanth Berg M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Kevin Meddleton M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Out of control inflammation in the body is a major cause of chronic diseases. During recovery from any chronic illness, injury or surgery, it is important to eat a diet of wholesome foods that prevent additional inflammation. Virtually every person who has faithfully adhered to this diet for a minimum of 6-weeks has reported remarkable recovery and a positive change in the status of their overall health and well–being.

While many people are surprised to find that they lose weight, most people are also pleased to discover that they sleep better, their joints and back are less achy, their digestion is improved, they have more energy, and they are less agitated and less affected by stress. In fact, most people feel so good on an anti-inflammatory diet that they choose to stay on it for much longer because they never ever want to feel the way they did before.

Along with helping you to recover, the anti–inflammatory diet is an excellent tool for discovering the foods that are contributing to ill health. After taking all inflammatory foods out of your diet for 6-weeks, you can then systematically add foods back, one at a time, and observe or chart your reaction to the food. Some people discover foods adversely affecting them that did not show up on allergy tests.

For example, those who don't test allergic to wheat, may discover that removing wheat from their diet results in major improvements in overall health. How can this be? The answer is, that while allergy tests may discover severe allergic reactions, they may not necessarily detect subtler food sensitivities that can cause unwanted symptoms and diminished vitality.

The anti–inflammatory diet delivers irrefutable evidence of food reactions through your own direct experience. This is a level of accuracy that generalized tests can never deliver. And, most importantly, when you know from personal experience that a food is hurting you, it will be easier to avoid that food in the future.

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