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Alaska Center for Acupuncture is a model for progressive health care in the State of Alaska. Regardless of what condition a patient is in when they arrive in our office we set our sights on potential rather than just pathology. We look to establish a mindset of prevention and a deep sense of purpose. This is in stark contrast to the current health care system which can only relate to people in terms of pathology and disease. In our Healthy Living Store we feature some of the products we routinely recommend to our patients. We will continually add to this store as we come across new gems so be sure to check back regularly. Thanks for stopping by! -Sam and Kevin

  • Music From Our Office: The Music CD's we have selected for you are some of our favorites. They play in our lobby and in our treatment rooms. We know several of the musicians personally and we have been touched deeply by their inspired devotion to create music that uplifts the soul.
  • DVDs and Movies: Here are some great dvd videos to include in your home library. We've added a quick easy fitness workout, simple exercises to heal chronic pain, yoga, meditation and Qi-Gong instruction. Every one of these videos will help you keep fit and feeling great. We were so impressed with the "Planet Earth" BBC documentary that we had to include it here as well. It will blow your mind!
  • Healthy Kitchen: Most of the items listed here are our tried and true kitchen tools that we have used for years. We try to avoid food contact with plastic, aluminum foil and non-stick metal coatings like teflon. The only item listed here that does have a teflon surface is the rice cooker. One more thing, the Ronco Rotisserie Cooker is amazing- it makes perfect chicken every time! Note: When purchasing from Alaska, be sure to check the shipping charge if its not an Amazon Free Shipping item.
  • Fitness Equipment: All of the items included here take up very little space and are easy to use at home. We especially recommend Miracle Balls! Almost everyone in our practice with chronic neck and back pain has found signficant relief with Miracle Balls. They are simply awesome for commuters, office workers or anyone whose job generates stress from repetitive motion. Enjoy!

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